Games to Improve Cognitive Abilities at Home


Cognitive abilities start from childhood, cognitive abilities are the ability to hone skills and mentality which also includes a person’s memory, attention and how to solve complex problems. Since childhood, parents have taught their children to be able to crawl, stand and walk and then look at the child’s development and interests. To be able to train cognitive abilities, of course, expertise in skills is very necessary. But apart from that, if children have grown into adults, cognitive skills can still be sharpened through playing games, but of course with certain games. We will discuss this game in the following article.

What are the benefits obtained from playing games to improve cognitive abilities?

If some people think that playing games is only for entertainment, in fact playing games is also an educational option if taught properly, here are some of the main benefits.

  1. Ability to solve problems

Playing games such as strategy games and chess can sharpen the brain in solving problems, because in this game each step will determine how the next game will play, of course this will sharpen the brain to be able to think in the game.

  1. Improve memory

There are several games that can improve memory function, one of which is puzzle games, assembling pictures. If you often play this game, your brain will start to get used to remembering small elements and influence the brain to improve memory function.

  1. Increase concentration

Some things that can increase brain concentration are playing slot online games, there are many types of game choices that require players to concentrate in each game, starting from card games and also slots that require concentration for each round.

  1. Increase creativity

To increase creativity, games with building concepts and simulators are highly recommended, because apart from players looking for materials to build, players are also required to be creative in building an object. 

Types of Games to Improve Cognitive Abilities

  1. Board Games

Board games have long been known as an effective tool for stimulating the brain. Chess, for example, requires deep strategy and long-term planning. Scrabble hones linguistic skills and enriches vocabulary. Other board games such as Settlers of Catan combine strategy with luck, requiring players to make smart and adaptive decisions.

  1. Card Games

Card games, such as bridge and poker, hone cognitive skills such as planning, memory, and decision making. Even a simple card game like Uno can teach kids basic rules and strategy.

  1. Puzzles and Riddles

Jigsaw puzzles, crossword puzzles, and Sudoku are examples of games that require us to think logically and systematically. They help improve problem solving abilities and analytical skills. 

  1. Digital/Online Concept Games

As technology develops, many video and online games have emerged, some things you can try to improve your brain’s cognitive abilities are the following games:

  1. Slot online Apart from having to concentrate on the game, what you need is to train your instincts in playing, know the basic theory of slot machine games, and know the correct patterns to win.
  2. Educational Games: As the name suggests, educational games aim to educate players to train their brains and also hone their cognitive abilities
  3. Strategy Game

Popular strategy games for training cognitive abilities include Clash of clans, Clash royale. In essence, the game does not focus on strength but also on fighting instincts by using what is available to the maximum.

  1. Physical Games

Physical games such as Simon Says and sports games that require hand-eye coordination can also improve cognitive abilities. They not only nourish the body but also stimulate the brain.

Incorporate Play into Your Daily Routine

To get maximum benefits, it is important to integrate these different types of games into your daily routine. Here are some tips for doing so:

  1. Schedule Playtime: Designate a specific time each day or week to play brain-challenging games. This can be quality time with family or a moment of personal relaxation.
  2. Be varied: Don’t just stick to one type of game. Try different games to practice different aspects of your cognitive abilities.
  3. Involve Family and Friends: Playing with others is not only more fun, but it also adds a social element that is important for mental health.
    1. Use Technology: Take advantage of digital apps and games designed for brain training. Slot online games, for example, can be an interesting and challenging option.
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